Happy 2013!

Hey everyone! I know its been 16 days since the startĀ of a new year, but I still wanted to say Happy New Year to all. I’m sure we’ve all heard our share of “I haven’t seen you in a year!” already and some of us are still getting adjusted to seeing “2013″ on paper.

Though I didn’t make any official new year’s resolutions, I have decided to go with the flow of things for the new year. I’m also taking a lesson from our friends in Japan and practicing forgiveness for friends/ family/whoever for past disagreements in order for a fresh start. I want to get back to things I haven’t done in a while such as drawing, belly dancing, and writing and start new things such as meditation. I have also decided to make it my mission to watch more anime and play more video games! \(^_^)/ Are there any new year’s resolutions anyone would like to share? Official or just something you’d like to see happen?

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