Introducing Chibi Senpai

Exciting news Senpai Fans!!! Our newest project Chibi Senpai is going live! What is Chibi Senpai you ask? Well as you have probably noticed things have been a little slow here at Senpai Magazine lately. It’s not because we’ve given up, or gotten lazy. In fact it’s just the opposite. We’ve been working hard on new and exciting things for you our loyal fans.

What does that have to do with Chibi Senpai? Everything my friends! Chibi Senpai is our new FREE monthly e-magazine. It’s filled with reviews, articles, recipes, previews of upcoming events, and more! It’s not a replacement for the quarterly magazine. It’s a separate product created to help keep Senpai goodness around for you to enjoy all year long. Want to know more? Want to sign up? All you have to do is follow the link HERE, as the ONLY WAY to get Chibi Senpai is to be signed up on our e-mail list.

Still not convinced? Or maybe you just want to sample our newest creation before signing up? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too. Issue one is free to download at the link HERE, issue two will be going out to subscribers tonight!!! So don’t delay sign up now!

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