Interview with Jessi Nowack
The abridged voice of some of your favorite characters in anime.

The 7 Virtues of Bushido
A little history lesson with anime characters.

Cosplay Profile
With Lana Marie.

And much MUCH more!
More Japanese food adventures, fun craft projects, Lolita basics, and much more!


Summer 2012


Why We Watch
Anime fans share their inner geek and let the world know how it all began for them.

Current Events
Beginning of March to End of May Reports

Anime Related Articles

Retro Rewind: Ruroni Kenshin
A look back at the classic anime of a hero with a dark past.

Event Coverage
I-Con 2012 and Quinni-Con 2012

Video Games

Consol War Stories
Nintendo Mode 7 and Super FX Chip

Then and now.

Japanese Culture

Kawaii Korner
Cat Cafe